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to henna, or not to henna, that is the question

Every few years I start to get bored. . .with my hair.*  So periodically I cut it all off, or color the back half really dark and the top half really light, or do some dramatic highlights, or something. But I hate the time and money commitment required to maintain these dramatic “do’s” (or don’t’s, depending on who you ask), so then I just recolor it a color close to natural, let the gray show and call it “highlights,” until I get bored again, and off I go.

Well, the budget’s a little tight these days, so a few weeks ago I started to consider trying henna.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I did lots of research, including reading this book, and ordered some henna (plus indigo, for a darker brownish red) online to try it.

Then I thought about it for a couple of weeks, really really worried that it wouldn’t go well, and I would, as I like to say, have only myself to blame.

I even called my hairdresser, to ask her advice, and whether she would put it in while I was there for my haircut today, and she was not really all that excited about it. Husband thought this was Important, and that I Should Listen to Her.

Two days ago I decided what the heck, and mixed it all up. But I, in my usual impetuous way, “remembered” the directions rather than looking up the directions, and mixed it wrong. Which means, when I did the sample strand the next day, nothing happened.

Oops. The whole bowl of stinky green goop went into the trash.

It is very green, and very stinky.

Then, I was at the health food store, buying Meat Tenderizer (to put on the dog food to discourage the dog from eating his own, well, never mind) and faro, and lo and behold, they had henna!

I bought 7 little packets.

Here’s the label:

I laughed it off.

Second Son is home from college for the weekend. I asked him last night, as I mixed the seven little packets of henna powder with lemon juice, whether he was planning on having a group of friends over this afternoon, as I was going to need to put this green goop on my hair, and preferred not to be seen by anybody that didn’t need to.

He peered over my shoulder.

SS: You’re putting that in your hair?

Me: Yup.

SS: I don’t think that looks like a good idea.

Me: It will be fine. People have been using henna for centuries

SS: Does G—- (Husband) know about this?

Me: Yup.

SS: Looks to me like a science experiment that’s going to go horribly wrong.

I laughed that off too.

I’m sitting here right now with a quart of green goop in my hair, hair covered with a shower cap, hoping for the best.

I’ll let you know how it all works out.

I did tip the hairdresser today after my cut, which I don’t usually do, as she runs her own business, but I told her I thought it would be important to foster as much good will as possible in case I had to place an emergency call to her tonight regarding fitting me in for a “fix.” She was fairly sure that if it did go wrong, she could fix it. Here’s hopin’.


*or some other easily-changed aspect of my appearance — like about 6 years ago when I got my nose pierced. Only Daughter, 4 at the time, held my hand. It was sweet, and a little weird.

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