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A blogger I follow has coined the term, and defines it as “the pain and weariness caused by the reality of Palin’s existence.”

I like this term so much I have decided to change the category I had previously labeled “Sarah Palin” to Palinschmerz.

I believe it is suitable for this term to encompass the pain and weariness caused by the fact that so many Americans can actually listen to her, watch her, or read “her” books without flinching and/or plugging their ears.

I understand that some hold the belief that the leaders of the world need to be “just like them” in order to understand their plight. I don’t agree with this for two reasons: first of all, empathy does not require identity of experience, second of all, there is no way on this green earth I am smart enough to be President, and I’m pretty smart. The complexities of the job are far beyond the “average” American, and the sooner the “average” American recognizes that, the better off we’ll be.

We’re talking about the Presidency. They should be the smartest person in the room. Cerebral, intimidating, even intimidatingly cerebral.  They shouldn’t necessarily be someone you want to have a cup of coffee, or a beer, with. Or should I say, would want to have a cup of coffee or a beer with you. That’s what your buddy from work or your best friend across town is for.



Can someone please explain to me what she’s talking about? And how is it that she can seem to be reading from a prepared speech and still be completely incoherent? I’ve heard better speeches from middle-schoolers running for “office.”

The best part is when she compares the tragic death of a woman protester on the streets of Tehran to students (oh wait, I’m speaking to students, crap, I mean) political operatives, “not students necessarily” (phew! good save! that was close!) “dumpster diving” to “prove that someone requested a bendy straw.”


Oh, wait, she clears it all up in her next statements, when she asks whether these same students might make a better use of their time addressing their president in protest, rather than protesting her appearance at Conservative U. Oh! So political freedoms, rights of free speech, and personal obligation to the above are important ideals, but only if used in support of HER agenda. I get it. Thank you so much for clarifying.

I guess she’s proven one point: if a woman of her caliber can make it this far in the political realm of the good ol’ U S of A, anything is possible.


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