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do “they” just not get it, or don’t I?

Apparently, there are a lot of women, (the NY Times cites them as being white, not-college-educated,) who are having difficulty deciding between voting for Obama or Mitt Romney.

This woman is described as representative of the sample:

She voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but is now torn. Mr. Obama has not lived up to his promise, she said. “My husband and I both have to work full time, and we’re just getting by.”

But she is not thrilled with Mitt Romney either. She said he would set women back because he did not understand their needs.

“Women worked so hard to get where we are today and to take our rights away from us is — no,” she said, shaking her head.

Behold the coveted female swing voter of 2012.

Let’s see: You have to work full time to pay your bills. (Um, btw, so do most of us, as we did before Obama was president, and will certainly have to do after Mitt’s president. Or does she think Mitt’s going to chip in to pay the cable bill?).

But Mitt doesn’t understand women’s needs.

Why do I not see these as equally valid, equally weighty arguments?

I must be missing something, because apparently this is not just this one person, but a measurable trend across the country.

Can somebody explain it to me? I don’t get it, and, actually, (believe it or not,) I want to understand.


the debate that wasn’t, quite: Updated

Okay, so Mitt did better than we expected, which isn’t really all that big a deal since we, well at least I, expected so little.

Obama looked like he’d rather have been just about anywhere. He seemed resigned. Or tired. I was frustrated by how Mitt almost without exception got the last word, and that Jim didn’t do a better job making them a) conform to their time limits and b) alternate more conscientiously between who went first and who went last.

Of course part of that was because Mitt was just frequently rude, and would keep talking and talking. And then there was that idiotic grin at the end of every statement, like “HA! Didn’t think I’d have an answer for that one did ya’? Well I did, so there.”


The arguments Obama should have made:

1.  No, Mitt, you must not have the right accountant, since you had enough money left in this country that you had to pay any taxes at all.

2.  Money spent on the oil industry is a subsidy paid to companies that don’t need it, and money down the drain; money spent on green energy is an investment in the future of the planet and in our ability to compete down the road with the Chinese, who are spending a lot more on green energy infrastructure right now than we are, and we will rue the day if we don’t do more to keep up with them. Speaking of jobs. We were speaking of jobs, right?

3.  Speaking of jobs, Mitt claims he will create 12 million jobs. Of course, like every other one of his promises or “plans,” that’s all we get — the statement, “I will create 12 million jobs.” Out of Play-Doh?

(Speaking of the plans, a friend posted on facebook last night: Obama: “Let me tell you about my plan…” Romney: “Forget that – awesome stuff for everyone!” Obama: “Details?” Romney: “(Details to be announced.) But did I mention how awesome it’s going to be?” and a friend of his commented: “I don’t know numbers, but I know awesome, and let me tell you: it is a plan, and it is awesome. Yes, this plan is a very planned plan…and it is definitely awesome. You might say it’s an awesome plan.”)

Something like that.

4. Mitt lies. Over and over, making up stuff. Obama cut 716 billion from Medicare? Mitt wants to cut taxes for the middle class? (Since when, yesterday morning?) (Another lie: Mitt’s health care plan would cover preexisting conditions. But not really.)

Obama didn’t call him out on any of them. Was he asleep? Wishing he were having dinner with Michele?

5. Mitt will lower tax rates and then eliminate loopholes so that the same amount of money will be coming into the federal government as before. Umm, isn’t this then, like the same thing? Oh, you’re right, it’s not. Because the elimination of the loopholes will operate on a sliding scale, he actually admitted this last night, so that it has less impact on those at the upper levels of the income scale, which means the poor and middle class will pay more in taxes and the rich will pay less.

6. Mitt “reached across the aisle” to pass a government-based health care plan, with 87% of the legislature being Democrats. This is an example of his ability to get things done in Washington and work with everyone. Not much of a reach really, when 87% of the legislature is already with you, plus a lot of the Republicans since government-based health care was originally a Republican idea. Way to go, Mitt!

No mention of the fact that the Republican legislator’s primary stated goal in 2008 was to keep Obama to a single term. Guess that would have sounded petulant and defensive.

7. He likes coal!


Where was my president? Too polite to go too far over his allotted time? Too conscientious to force revelations into barely-related questions?

This is probably going to seem mean-spirited, but I found this clip to be mildly amusing.



Stress and Aging

Obama 2006, and in 2011.

No one should age that much in 5 years.








And our friend Massimo, taken in May of this year:

and recently, after a torrent of mudslides destroyed his town of Vernazza:

We also discovered through this website that he and one of his main employees Jeff (we called him “The American” he was a California boy who fell in love with a Vernazza girl and tended bar at Massimo’s restaurant) hammered through the wall in that picture and pulled 40 customers through to safety during the deluge.

He looks at least 20 years older.

We also discovered that Massimo and Carmen had already lost a daughter, an 18-year old lovely girl, exactly 2 years before this tragedy; a victim of a car accident.

I can’t stop thinking about tragedy and loss and family and friends and what’s really important and how we all just keep getting through a day no matter what kind of pain we’ve lived through.

And it makes his joy, and friendliness and openness to the world that much more precious to me.

I suppose it’s selfish of me to think that going back, and giving him a hug, would help.

I guess it might help me.

But I am SO GLAD!!! to hear that he’s okay.


today’s quiz

Please indicate the option which seems to best represent the “truth”:

1.  Flowers and plants start to look bad in September because:

a) the shortening of the days and the cooling of the temperature adversely affects photosynthesis

b) you’re so tired of watering and fertilizing stuff that doesn’t bloom/grow/bear fruit, or is just going to be eaten by apparently ravenous, and quite inconsiderate, deer, you can’t be bothered








2. President Obama, while continuing to say the right things while not apparently doing much of anything, has aged 15 years in 3 because:

a) the job of the presidency sucks and no one in their right minds would do it

b) Just for Men hasn’t perfected the formula for African-American hair

3. Only Daughter asking if the car was unlocked means:

a) she needed to go look for a book she left in the back seat

b) she thought it would be interesting/fun to leave the front door open over night to see how long the battery would last

4. CNN runs a ticker beneath the President’s speech telling us what he just said because:

a) the average American likes to have things summarized into neat little sound bytes so he/she doesn’t have to think too hard

b) the average American is a stark raving idiot lunatic who needs to be told what to think so as not to pull any muscles or to have to take time away from important pursuits like wondering whether Jennifer Aniston’s actually married or not and keeping up with the Kardashians








5. I’m really good at stacking dishes in the dish drainer because:

a) it’s like a really interesting, perpetually different, 3D geometry puzzle which challenges my/your ability to make logical connections and to understand spatial relationships in the real world

b) I’m/you’re too lazy to dry.

*These are not my dishes, nor my kitchen.

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