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A Note to New York Times Style Magazine.

Now, I’m no fashion expert. I’m writing this in a pair of gray sweatpants that I bought at Target and a CW washable-silk/linen sweatshirt that is older than my oldest child and has more holes in it than swiss cheese, but some of this stuff I just don’t get.

This (click on the link, then on “view print magazine,”), pg. 8 —  looks like a lampshade.

I didn’t like the girls on pg 18 in high school and I don’t like them now.

I find it hard to believe that the man is more in love with the handbag than the woman is (pg. 26).

The woman on pg 32 has a very cute face and nice smile, but is one rice cake away from needing an IV.

I’m quite frightened of the woman on pg 39, and wonder how much ozone was damaged in the styling for pg 46.

I like the dress on pg 48, and the leather jacket in the Banana ad. The Hermes ad on pg 10 is just stunning, and has caused me to consider growing my hair.

I really like the idea of “Not My Daughter’s Jeans” but wonder why it’s automatically assumed that we WANT to look a full size smaller. Couldn’t they just fit?


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