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stating the obvious

I get a message much like this almost every day of the week:

Dear MoveOn member,

The fight over our budget is really heating up in X, and your state legislators need to hear from you today.

Governor X’s proposed budget would slash funding for public schools and universities—while cutting taxes for large corporations. But most shocking of all, Gov. X’s budget would push 14,000 children into poverty by repealing the Earned Income Tax Credit—raising taxes on the working poor.

Call your state legislators today. Tell them, “It’s immoral to raise taxes on low-income working families, who are struggling most in this recession. I urge you to vote to protect the Earned Income Tax Credit.”

Do I really have to tell my legislators this? Don’t they know it already? What am I missing here?

And I get so many of these, day in and day out. How many petitions can I click on to sign and still feel like I’m actually accomplishing anything? I thought I was tired because I work too hard, or don’t get enough sleep, or maybe have mono, but maybe I’m just tired of all this.

Posted this on facebook the other day, “borrowed” from someone else:

I’m tired of America being dumbed down. I’m tired of a country who thinks that The Arts should be the first to go. I’m tired of fighting wars instead of teaching our children how to avoid them. I’m tired of a shrinking middle class. I’m tired of corporations and lobbyists running our country. I’m tired of a budget where defense is more important than education. I’m tired of a Nation divided. I’m tired of people texting other when they are sitting next to a real person and not talking to them. Maybe I’m just tired. Period.


Are you kidding me?

Listening to NPR today; a very interesting discussion about how the economic downturn seems to be affecting men’s employment more than women’s. I was running errands, so was in and out of the car, so I missed whether they talked about how this probably reflected rampant sexism in who was doing which jobs, but I did get back into the car in time to hear this: A woman caller, discussing the fact that she was working and her husband was at home with their little boy. She wasn’t complaining that they were unhappy finding themselves in roles they had not chosen, nor that her husband was an inept housekeeper nor a poor cook (apparently he’s neither). [She did comment on how much she missed cleaning, which is not a sentiment I recognize, and which did immediately make me a little suspicious.]

In any case, she was calling to inquire of the guests — I believe they were constituted of a researcher from the Pew Foundation and a woman psychologist or therapist who worked with families — as to what kind of confusing, disturbing, and/or damaging messages they were conveying to their young son regarding gender roles.

How those ideas can still be out there in the 21st century completely boggles the mind.

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