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Just watched Platoon for the first time since the late 1980s. Some random thoughts:

First of all, I enjoyed the fleeting glimpses of a very young and unknown-at-the-time Johnny Depp. Beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

John McGinley is a whack job. This is clear in this movie, as clear as it is in Scrubs. In some strange way, they seem to be the same character.

Tom Berenger (Barnes) is a terrible actor. He had one convincing moment, when his eyes met Charlie Sheen’s (Chris) in the helicopter right after Chris realized that Barnes had killed Elias.

Willem Dafoe (Elias), on the other hand, is amazing. Even when he’s playing a character who seems a bit over the edge, (English Patient, too), he’s completely convincing and sympathetic.

And finally, if Charlie Sheen were old enough to play a soldier in a movie made in 1986 he is, in fact, old enough to know better. And what’s up with the forced smiles? Not happy in his work? You can see more here.


spring blah’s?

I haven’t written in several days. Feeling kind of tired of everything. Middle-Eastern unrest and upheaval, political sniping, natural disasters and their consequences, arguing children, cats throwing up in the hallway, ugly shoes, professional disappointments, the widening gap between rich and poor, dreary weather, skinny models, Charlie Sheen imploding, blah blah blah.

11 It’s All Been Done

It’s just all the same stuff all the time, and I’m not sure I have anything new to say about it. Besides, do I expect I’m going to change the world one barely-read blog post at a time? Maybe my time would be better spent baking cookies with my daughter or trying to start that short story I’ve been writing in my head for three years, or that article on birth order that will probably meet the same fate as my dissertation (that is, once finished, never again seeing the light of day; who thinks it’s a good idea to spend nine months writing something that your committee and one other person reads?)

But, today’s grace: a cup of really good coffee, pear tart with homemade yogurt for breakfast, Only Daughter starting her daily marathon of front and back walkovers (she “needs to stay in shape while there’s no gymnastics this week”), a two-and-a-half hour teaching day before me instead of the usual 7, birthday salmon and “twinkie” cake (not really, heaven help us, rather a delicious albeit probably-not-particularly-healthy substitute) for my husband (today, happy birthday darlin’) and his son (tomorrow).

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