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Finally managed to see the movie that the rest of the country saw weeks ago. (What can I say? I’m a busy girl.)

So, I’ll go with the consensus: beautiful movie, wonderfully impressive special effects, stilted dialogue, caricatures rather than characters, lame and predictable plot. I needed resuscitation at the end after being clubbed repeatedly over the head with obvious metaphors. I mean, come on, unobtanium? Subtle! I wonder how many names for this species-and-planet-saving-mineral were batted around before they settled on that one. Elusium? Greedium? Cantmineitwhileitsunderthattreeandallthosenativesstilllivethereium? Puh-lease, give us at least a little credit. Just because we’re all victims of the American educational system doesn’t mean we can’t pick up on a basic metaphor.

It does seem that, if someone is willing to spend as much time and as much money as it takes to make a movie as visually stunning as this one they could have invested a few more dollars in some decent writing and the development of characters of more than one dimension. Maybe they were using Star Wars as a model . . .

And yes, smoking used to signify some kind of rebellion or hardness of character (after it stopped being touted as a healthful activity in which all should partake), but it didn’t work for Grace. Is it possible that they were under the impression, (based on Sigourney’s performance in previous roles,) that she couldn’t pull off bitter, frustrated scientist without it?

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