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Anthony Weiner, and what’s THAT got to do with anything?

Anthony Weiner is seeking counseling. Anthony Weiner is probably going to take a leave of absence. Anthony Weiner’s wife is standing behind him, (or isn’t she?). Anthony Weiner is losing weight, overemotional when talking to friends on the phone, distraught. (NYTimes, “Pelosi Calls on Weiner to Resign”)

This all makes perfect sense to me.

This, however, does not:

“His scandal erupted at a particularly bad time for the party, as Democrats had briefly regained momentum after a surprise victory in an upstate New York election, and put Republicans on the defensive over a proposal to revamp Medicare.”

I apologize if this is a stupid question, but what do Anthony Weiner’s sexual proclivities have to do with the Democratic party and their momentum towards revamping Medicare?

Maybe if the media didn’t act like we were complete idiots unable to differentiate between these two vastly different topics we wouldn’t all act like complete idiots unable to differentiate between these two vastly different topics.

Maybe it’s just me.


Public service/private lives: never the twain shall meet?

Why is it that so many male politicians seem to be lascivious little boys who think that their various and sundry salacious acts will remain private?

Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Weiner.

And it’s not just confined to Americans — recently there’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Silvio Berlusconi, an ongoing embarrassment for Italians for both political and personal reasons.

Perhaps we should start by asking why so many people men in power seem to have such a hard time (no pun intended) behaving themselves.

A recent New Yorker article points out that women politicians have their share of sex scandals, too, and lists nine examples. Particularly telling is the fact that four of them date from previous centuries, one of them involved a videotape of the female politician in question, (Chu Mei-Feng, councilwoman for Taipei), having sex with her husband, and another is a woman whose husband had purchased pornographic films using her parliamentary account. Hardly seems to fit in the same category. Plus, is it really such a slow news week that the editorial staff at the New Yorker decided this was worth reporting? Maybe that’s an even more important topic. Discuss?




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