But why is there even a “market” CORRECTION

I wrote a few days ago about the  uproar in the last weeks over the kidnapped Nigerian girls, whether they can be found, whether the military can rescue them without risking their lives.

Questioning how it is that nobody is talking about the people who enslave girls, force them into marriage, etc.

I had it wrong, though, for which I vehemently apologize.

These girls weren’t being kidnapped to be enslaved; they were kidnapped as an act of “rescue” — to convert them from their errant ways as Christians to the correct religion, Islam.

That’s so much better.

Or maybe a different form of enslavement, but enslavement nonetheless.

I’ve deleted the rest of the post — it asked some tough questions, but questions that should be asked in a more relevant context.

I also recently deleted a post on my other blog, expressing my dismay at a woman driving down the road with a “God not Government” bumper sticker. I wonder whose God she meant. Presumably not the Muslim one, as she was driving a car, and was out without an adult male relative escort.


I should have done better research before ranting. (My new motto: Research Before Ranting.)

I will try to do better.


1 Response to “But why is there even a “market” CORRECTION”

  1. May 27, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Exactly! The solution is not a military style solution of force overcoming force, it is, as you point out, a fundamentally different way of thinking about people and relationships. How can this new way of thinking be produced? I have no idea. Is that depressing? Yes.

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