Paying attention to the issues

Just the kind of attention to policy that makes this country great, and our voters so well informed.

Guess I should be glad they at least had it on?

1 Response to “Paying attention to the issues”

  1. October 23, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    Actually, although I haven’t watched them, I reckon the debates are not really the place to go if you want to work out how to vote.

    Want to figure out what the big issues are? Well, the big issues for me would be unlikely to coincide with the issues chosen for the debate. My personal issues are what influence my vote.

    Want to know the candidates view on an issue? No chance? They’ve been practicing perfectly scripted vote-catching answers, facial expressions, prepared ‘attitudes’ and catch phrases for days! Better to listen to them talking “off the record” or, best of all, look back on the history of their actual behavior.

    You’re obviously a debate watcher yourself…why am I wrong?

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