something you don’t want to eat every day

Encountered this “dish” recently:


We read the label. Not sure we’d ever seen this before:


(Sorry it’s sideways. My laptop’s in rehab so I’m doing this on my tablet, and I don’t know how to rotate pictures. I’ll try to fix it from the other computer.)

But note: 7 g. saturated fat per serving, and 101% of your RDA of cholesterol.

Gordon Food Service is unconscionable for selling this. It makes me wonder how much more of their food is actually “food.” Eating stuff like this can’t be good for you, even once.

Maybe they should change their name to Gordon “Food” Service.

1 Response to “something you don’t want to eat every day”

  1. 1 Margy Rydzynski
    January 3, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    I’m not sure I’d leave the word “food” in there, parentheses or no.

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