random thoughts

Has anyone else ever noticed that they don’t put the brand names on crappy pens? I think this is so that when you go to buy more pens to replace the crappy pens you got fed up with and threw in the trash you can’t remember what kind of pens they were and might accidentally buy the same crappy pens again.


After I de-skinned and de-ribbed the chicken breasts for last night’s dinner I sanitized the sink and utensils. And then I wondered: Is it a good idea to eat something that requires that you sanitize every surface that said something might have come into contact with? I didn’t think so. (I coated them in a mixture of cornmeal, cayenne, parsley, and sweet paprika, and then “oven fried” them in a pan heated in the oven with olive oil and butter. They were delicious. But still.)


I have the best husband in the world. He was away most of the week, so I was kind of sad and lonely most of the time, while slogging through the craziest week of my semester, and then today he drove me 150 miles to stay in a Sleep Inn so we could spend some time together rather than having to spend another night apart before I accompanied a bunch of singers at a competition. And he brought wine. And a corkscrew. Did I mention he drove? And he drives 60 miles to work and 60 miles back almost every day? We checked into the hotel and both settled down to get some work done. Guess the honeymoon is, in fact over. Sorry if that’s TMI.


I bought a dog this morning. I had decided that maybe I should go with a more 21st century breeder than the one that I had talked to, but we already had an appointment and I didn’t want to be rude, so Only Daughter and I drove 45 minutes to her house and she was waiting at the door with this dog in her arms

and that, as they say, was that.

He’s very calm, and sweet, and I think maybe one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen.

As if we’re not busy enough already. But now that Second Son is off to college, I’ll need some new material, and what’s better for funny stories than puppy stories?

I do think I’ll need to get into better habits re: things like putting away my shoes. But that can only be a good thing. Right?

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