Notes from Sunday

My good friends and colleagues are off for a month-long trip to and from Alaska, with gigs scheduled hither and yon. They are taking his father with them as their “groupie.” This is an act of either great patience or of extreme foolhardiness.  We shall see. I’m curious as to whether asking “Are we there, yet?” is or is not allowed.

There can’t be a job worse than cleaning out the refrigerator to make room for the haul from the grocery store. I’ve decided that from now on that there will be something urgent that must be attended to for at least the first fifteen minutes after the groceries come home. Husband claims that my needing to be in the bathroom for that long might be suspicious. Other suggestions will be accepted.

Oh, and food should not look like this. It’s too funny. It’s also funny that Husband had to come find me in the grocery store to show me, as if he were still twelve years old. Or maybe it’s not.

Notes from the bike ride:

Just because it says in The Gender Stereotypes Handbook that a) he should be waxing the Camaro and b) she should be tanning in the driveway, it doesn’t mean you have to.

If you’re going to make your kid wear a bike helmet, you should wear one too. The layers of hypocrisy are not lost on him, and are going to cause problems for you later.

Down is way more fun than Up.

If you’re biking around town on a Sunday, and you’re dressed like this:

you look ridiculous. You’re not in the Tour de France, you’re in a little town in the midwest, biking on a bike path, trying not to ride through dog poop and checking for cars coming out of side streets.

Just because you can’t haul your ass up that hill doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your bike.

Notes from the return:

Flatbread and hummus and an ice-cold Rolling Rock tastes really good after a bike ride.

Hard to think of something more entertaining than watching two teenagers try to figure out a) how to, and b) who is going to, clean up the dog puke.

Happy Sunday!


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