Ralph Lauren and the incredible shrinking woman

From the spring 2011 collection:

One question, about the outfit on the right.


And then there’s this one:

My caption for the outfit on the left: Ado Annie meets Laura Ashley.

In my quest, I found these:

Apparently the version on the left isn’t thin enough, so they had to remove all evidence that she had internal organs or a ribcage.

And then we have Filipa Hamilton, before:

and after:

According to the site from which I obtained the above picture, when enough people complained to Ralph Lauren about how flipping deformed this woman looks, they claimed responsibility for their manipulation of her image, and apologized. Is it actually possible that no one noticed that she looks like a bobble-head doll until people complained? And look !!! at the first picture of her. Why are they manipulating her image? Is there supposedly something wrong with how she looks? Actually, the first image is from Ralph Lauren, also, so maybe nobody really knows what her body looks like. Has anyone seen her in person, taken a picture of her, and not photoshopped it?

Oh, look what I found:

Which one do YOU think is more attractive?


2 Responses to “Ralph Lauren and the incredible shrinking woman”

  1. April 22, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    I would take her before any day! I have never looked like that. I went straight from underweight until 30 and then overweight! not massively but when you have spent your entire life looking like the afters for the most part but with no curves and you gain in all the wrong spots it’s really aggravating to say the least. At 23 my daughter is very close to the after with no curves whatsoever. It’s horrible. Those afters are just not normal. They are downright dangerous. No one has a waist that small. It’s iresponsible for a designer to do this.

  2. April 27, 2011 at 2:29 am

    I have to agree coat #2 in the top set of pics is awful. I kind of like coat #1 though. In the second set, that scary gingham (or plaid, I’m not sure which) and lace think is godawful — it does have a hateful Laura Ashley influence. I thought that sh*t died out in the 80’s?

    Poor ultra “thinned” girl in the 3d set is a travesty. She looks fabulous in the first pic. What the f*ck? And that R.L. super thinned out double image model I’d seen before. Looks like an Auschwitz survivor. What were they thinking? Hideous. Unless you are anorexic I can’t imagine finding those crazy thinned down women attractive. But hey, it’s great that fashion and media are pushing those images down our throats. No wonder eating disorders are on the rise.

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