stating the obvious

I get a message much like this almost every day of the week:

Dear MoveOn member,

The fight over our budget is really heating up in X, and your state legislators need to hear from you today.

Governor X’s proposed budget would slash funding for public schools and universities—while cutting taxes for large corporations. But most shocking of all, Gov. X’s budget would push 14,000 children into poverty by repealing the Earned Income Tax Credit—raising taxes on the working poor.

Call your state legislators today. Tell them, “It’s immoral to raise taxes on low-income working families, who are struggling most in this recession. I urge you to vote to protect the Earned Income Tax Credit.”

Do I really have to tell my legislators this? Don’t they know it already? What am I missing here?

And I get so many of these, day in and day out. How many petitions can I click on to sign and still feel like I’m actually accomplishing anything? I thought I was tired because I work too hard, or don’t get enough sleep, or maybe have mono, but maybe I’m just tired of all this.

Posted this on facebook the other day, “borrowed” from someone else:

I’m tired of America being dumbed down. I’m tired of a country who thinks that The Arts should be the first to go. I’m tired of fighting wars instead of teaching our children how to avoid them. I’m tired of a shrinking middle class. I’m tired of corporations and lobbyists running our country. I’m tired of a budget where defense is more important than education. I’m tired of a Nation divided. I’m tired of people texting other when they are sitting next to a real person and not talking to them. Maybe I’m just tired. Period.

1 Response to “stating the obvious”

  1. April 13, 2011 at 3:01 am

    You’ve brought this up before, about clicking on petitions and feeling that it’s useless. I thought about it the last time you brought it up, and indeed, one can feel overwhelmed. But not to click, not to send it — that’s not helping, either, right?

    I sign petitions, although not all that I receive. I read them if I have time, I click if I feel the urge. I receive updates from my Representative (Albio Sires) on how he votes, and often a nice thank you when he gets a petition. At least I know how he stands on the issues and what he votes for and against. Yes, our representatives “should” know, but many are trying to juggle the special interests that paid for their campaigns, naturally. I just heard on the radio today that the Republicans are digging in by saying our national debt problem is a problem of overspending, not revenue. Really? If the rich were taxed a little more and contributed the same percentage of taxes as the middle class, wouldn’t the government have a lot more money to spend and perhaps a smaller deficit? I fail to see how bringing in more money would not help to solve the problem, but then I’m not a sophisticated Republican Senator or Congressperson, and I’m sure not some rich sh*t who understands why those with the most money should get tax breaks just for being rich. Nor am I a CEO of a large corporation paying no taxes. I’m just a middle class citizen who thinks everyone should pay their fair share.

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