3 april 2003 – 30˚ and raining

Yesterday’s poem reminded me of this one, from 2003:


Nicholas went out to play today–

first sitting amidst the pile of

shoes and coat and stocking caps

discussing which jacket he should wear

and whether it would “work” under his cape.

I pointed out the puddles in the low part of the yard;

checked the thermometer

and encouraged the parka.


It rained tonight still

as I drove home; wheels

wallowing through the water

on the road.

The grass reflected strangely gray

in the headlights, each blade

coated in its thin skin of ice;

the color of Sam’s hair, when he was

so palely blond,

and it lay in its heap of clippings on the floor.

Separated from its roots, its glowing light extinguished,

the absence of color,



As I walk to the house the

tree branches rattle

like bones.

1 Response to “3 april 2003 – 30˚ and raining”

  1. 1 Boston Margy
    March 25, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Lovely- thanks!

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