Let’s take that Christmas spirit on the road

As in, extend that spirit of generosity, patience, and consideration to:


people waiting for 11 minutes to make a left turn

people waiting for a parking space (that goes both ways — i.e. don’t run 3 people down to get into the finally-found open parking space, and don’t take 17 minutes to arrange all of your packages in your trunk while 3 cars vie for position and wait with their blinkers blink blink blinking)

the 3 people waiting to get into the grocery aisle that you are blocking as you catch up on your family’s goings-on over the past 11 months with a long-lost friend

postmen and UPS people who are working 12 hour days to get everything delivered

etc. . . .


In a not-entirely unrelated story — if your car is too big for you to maneuver it into a normal-sized parking space within 5 attempts you should DRIVE A SMALLER CAR. Or maybe just don’t drive.



2 Responses to “Let’s take that Christmas spirit on the road”

  1. December 21, 2010 at 1:07 am

    And in that vein, if you just started walking across a crosswalk, the red palm is showing, and my light has turned green, please don’t amble across the street as though you have all the time in the world — because I don’t, and the light isn’t that long, and even though we must now BY LAW stop for you in NJ even though WE have the green light, I’d really like to get my car through the intersection during THIS green light, please.

    Second, I don’t agree about the parking space. If I’m in the parking space and looking through my purse or checking a package or looking at my shopping list or whatever, it’s still MY parking space. Perhaps I just stopped to drop off some packages and am going to get out of my car and go into another shop. Either way, if you give me the fisheye, you can bet I won’t be getting out of my car or pulling out any time soon. If you’re polite about it, I’ll make the effort to go, but don’t try to hurry me. I’m parked, you aren’t, and if you need to park that badly, find another spot, cuz I had to wait to get this one and I’m still in it.

    I once read two women the riot act in a Trader Joe’s because not only were they standing in the middle of the aisle at the end of the row and blocking anyone trying to get past them, I decided to go around, start at the other end, and after I’d done my shopping all the way down the aisle, they were still there, jawing away. For 5 minutes, minimum. I made comment and one of the women said, “What did you say?” or “DO you have a problem?”, or something, and I lost it. I said yes I had a problem, and yelled that if she and her friend needed to take 10 minutes to decide what type of chutney (or whatever they were looking at) they wanted, perhaps they could NOT do it at peak hours on a Saturday afternoon when the store was packed full of people and everyone else was trying to get their shopping done, as well. And if they needed to discuss this in detail, maybe they could consider MOVING OVER so other people would at least be able to get around them. I was LOUD. I wheeled off and left both of them staring at me bug-eyed, mouths dropped open, and am still not sorry! That kind of sh*t pisses me off.

  2. December 21, 2010 at 3:16 am

    I love the parking video: the fact that the driver of the white car GETS out in sheer desperation to park the smallest car in the world!!! It was certainly part of the UK driving test to be able to reverse park when I took the test. Yet these days I see more and more people who utterly clueless.

    (I was laughing so much my previous attempt at writing this comment was incomprehensible….oops!)

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