Disposable Society

Our TV is 3 years old. It only comes on when it feels like it.

I bought my daughter a new school bag in August and a new pair of shoes in September. The bag’s lining is already torn and the soles of the shoes are shredding off in little rubber bits.

I lived in a house for 9 years, from 1997-2006, during which we bought 2 washers, 2 dishwashers, and one refrigerator. (The dryer we bought in 1991 still works.)

I was told that appliances don’t last because the strain put on the motors so that they are more efficient consumers of energy means that the motor can only be expected to last ~ 7 years. Right now I have a refrigerator, a washer, and a dryer, all of which look and act like they’re at least 15 years old, but I’m afraid to replace them because then I know I’m going to be replacing them again before my 9-year-old graduates from high school.

I have a pair of shoes I bought 15 years ago; they look great, except the soles were wearing out about a year ago so I had them repaired. I noticed yesterday that those soles are shredding away in little bits of rubber.

What are we doing to our environment by making so many things that we’ll have to throw away? Common knowledge would say that’s the price to pay for cheap stuff, but it’s not just the cheap stuff that’s falling apart.

Does anything last anymore?

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