“BP Report Places Much Blame for Spill on Others”

Of course they do. None of any of it is ever their fault, is it.

Why am I not surprised?

Are we supposed to believe in the objectivity and veracity of this report, one conducted and reported by BP themselves?

No conflict of interest here. Or maybe it’s just me.


1 Response to ““BP Report Places Much Blame for Spill on Others””

  1. 1 JK
    September 11, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Noticed over on SW’s site you’d received no “good” (or much) comments. Well for what it’s worth, Im not exactly a fashionista, hell, I’m from Arkansasbut it seems, you’ve my friend’s back – that, I acknowledge and appreciate, we’ll see how that works out.

    However, being from the Arkansas office, Hot Springs specifically, if you’ll do a “Hot Fashions In Tuf-Nut Overalls” I’ll happily bookmark you in my favorites… let me, for a moment see if I can find something related to Arkansas and fashion. BRB.


    Note: this is not “me” blogging (neither some variation of – which you can confirm with SW) it’s just that… oh heck, I forget what I meant to say.

    [Incidentally, don’t bother with the online PD reports – not “good literature”).

    However. If you were there at the time, even peripherely, a Prada model in the Ozarks getting into a tiff with the local PD was kinda entertaining as the episode worked out between “overalls and acrylically acceptable “haute’ coutures'” kinda stuff.

    Usuallly it’s not fashion I get involved with, but then until a friend in the UK recommended her…

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